Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My illustration of Optimus Prime on a TRANSFORMERS Platinum Edition toy box.

This month in Japan, TRAIN HEROES will be on TV in Japan - I'm super excited about this as I designed all the characters for the show! Also, TAKARA, my favorite toy company in Japan (creators of Transformers) produced all the merchandise and will also be available in Japan as well. 

Here's a Preview of the first episode launch:



For more info on Train Heroes:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ALIEN STRIKE - An Inside Look

It's great to finally co-create a game and watch it come to life, especially when it has to do with my favorite topic - Aliens & Robots. There are hundreds of art assets and many things you can accomplish in the game. Unfortunately it's only available in Asia at the moment, but of course there are plans for a US release in the near future. Here's a snap shot of how it looks. Congrats to the entire team in making it happen.

Outside of creating social games and producing 3 other mobile games, we've been finally wrapping up our solicitations for the ORIUS comic book which the first issue is planned to launch early 2013 via Diamond Distributors. It will also be available as an Ebook via Barns & Nobles, Apple & Amazon.

Grab your guns and get ready to snap, crackle & pop them #uckin ALIENS!!